Permission Based E-Mail Marketing

One of the best ways for a business to facilitate growth and longevity is to foster and maintain a positive relationship with its current customers and clients. Permission based e-mail marketing campaigns are one of the best methods to reach out and engage your customers, clients and prospects online.


2015 studies show e-mail marketing is highly effective;

  • Open rates averaged 22.8%
  • Click to Open rates were 14.25%
  • Email Marketing returns $44.50 for every dollar invested.
  • 72% of people say that they prefer that companies they do business with communicate via email.

What are the key points of an effective permission based e-mail marketing campaign?

  • Build a solid opt-in or confirmed opt-in list of subscribers.
  • The e-mails should be personalized and segmented where appropriate.
  • They should be brief and well written.
  • There must be a straight forward and easy to execute call to action.
  • The call to action must result in a clear and motivating benefit to the recipient.
  • The click through must link to a well designed landing page that will maximize conversions.
  • Most importantly, e-mail marketing campaigns must be in compliance with the Can Spam Law of 2003.

These are just the highlights, as there are many other factors that go into creating and operating an effective e-mail marketing campaign. e-NERTIA Marketing can help your company with all aspects of an effective e-mail marketing campaign, and make certain that your e-mails remain can spam compliant.

To find out more about the tremendous potential of e-mail marketing, please contact us and let us demonstrate how we can use the power of e-NERTIA to move your business forward.



Ron has performed work for us on a number of occasions. He is very professional and committed to delivering results that make a positive difference for his clients. We have been very pleased with Ron’s contributions and would certainly use his services again. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to any company who requires a top notch professional to help them achieve their business goals.

-Wendy Kerkhoff, CEO Intellidig Research Group Inc.


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